Hall of Fame

Gilligan.wav...608kb A new version of the Gilligan theme song!

Win95.wav...381kb Ok men, let's see if we can talk her down!

Masreba.wav...1072kb A new version of the famous Macarana. (Adults only)

Macaroni.wav...1139kb Another Version of the Macarana. For all ages!

Micro.wav...95kb a very funny one as with all on this page a THUMPER MUST HAVE!

Aust1.wav...105kb Another Thumper MUST have! No offense to our friends from the" Land Down Under"

Gonorhea.wav...849kb Cheech's funny rendition of the "Macarana"song!

Oj.wav...855kb A funny rendition of the O.J. Simpson saga

Speed.wav...224kb THUMPER'S version of the Speed Racer Theme Song.

George1.wav...237kb THUMPER'S tribute to George of the Jungle!

WOWSEX.wav...396kb THUMPER'S version of sex in the 90's! Careful! ( don't say I did'nt warn you)

Lust4sex.wav...510kb THUMPER'S of just plain SEX!

(Def. Adult only!)

Superchickwav.wav...121kb THUMPER'S good friend the Super Chicken will get you out of ANY mess! (Adult Only)

Alien2.wav...198kb A very funny wav of an alien having sex!  ( I did'nt know they could?)

Pubic1.wav...635kb Now thats life as a Chipmonks pubic hair!

RadAOL.wav...822kb Another THUMPER must have funny song about AOL.

Mayberry1.wav...588kb  Thumper's version of life in Mayberry R.F.D.

Speedsex.wav...655kb  This answers the famous question.  Did Speed and Trixie ever???

  Hiho .wav...832kb  Hi Ho Hi Ho it's another Thumper must have! (I'll give two bits to see your tits)

Toonsex.wav...358kb Thumper remembers his childhood cartoons.

Win951.wav...324kb Remember the introduction to WIndows 95?

Spice.wav...1469kb Thumper re-writes the Spice Girls HIS WAY!

(Dedicated to the Stickman)

Thumbljb.wav...618kb Thumper gets a **** Well you'll see :)

Bybybaby.wav...244kb This is one way Thumper knows how to SHUT the kids up at night when he wants to be alone with the Mrs.

Genitalia.wav...778kb What should Thumper name his...???

Flinstones.wav...1284kb Thumper's funny melody of the Flintstones

Staitbys.wav...873kb Another one sung and sent in by Darla from TWOW.COM. A funny parody worthy of a "Thumper's Look at This Wav"

Zits.wav...1032kb Sung and sent in by Darla from TWOW.COM. A funny parody worthy of a "Thumper's Look at This Wav"

Thumperfamily.wav...934kb Thumper wants to share with you a recording of his family reunion. (Of course this reunion is done "Thumper's Way"!)

Transhose.wav...905kb If you know about Strange Brew and the Transformers you'll love this Thumper original

BybyHanson.wav...185kb Thumper says goodbye to the Hansons!

Junction1.wav...710kb Thumper dedicates this original to the Stickman (his favorite TV show Petticoat Junction)

Brady.wav...358kb Thumper (with a hand over his heart) remembers the Brady Bunch (Adults Only)

Sixmil.wav...604kb Thumper's version of The Six Million Dollar Man (Adults Only)

MMclub1.wav...158kb Thumper's always admired the Mousekateers, HEY Annette how bout a $#@%-*^@ (Adults Only)

Banana1.wav...481kb Thumper shares his memories of the kids show the Banana Splits! (Adults Only)

Loneranger3.wav...1070kb Who was that "Masked Man" Well let Thumper tell ya's (Adults Only)

Beverlyby1.wav...231kb Well now it's time to say goodbye to Jed and all his kin (Thumper's Way) (Adults Only)

Stripper1.wav...1.2meg Life on the Internet...A Thumper Original...(Yes it's DAMN GOOD!) (Adults Only)

Our President...Lets see Billy explain this on! (Adults Only)

Blue Dress.wav...937kb Another Thumper Original (Adults Only)

PBJ.wav...437kb Another Thumper Original (Adults Only)

Marine.wav...314kb Oh Sh#% you're in the Marines now!

(Another Thumper Original)
(Adults Only)
1999.wav...2.4meg Celebrate 1999 the Thumper's Way!!!
(Adults Only)
(Another Thumper Original)
The Cat in the Kettle.wav...1068kb What have you been eatint???
Clinton's Speaks! 1172kb Thumper Listen's to Clinton's Excuses ;)
(Adults Only)
Snoopy VS. Red Baron! 1.8meg Thumper tells the story of Snoopy and the Red Baron.
(Rated PG)
Ghost.wav 1.9meg Thumper thinks he see'd a GHOST!
(Rated PG)
Galiwrnya.wav 706kb Gal I warn ya here I---
(Rated X)
Chapel.wav 1.8 meg You're taking Thumper WHERE???
(Rated X)
Thinklvu.wav Not made by Thumper but by the THUMPETTE
(Rated X)
Thumper's Day.wav 2.2 meg Thumper Bangs on his What???
(Rated X)
In and Out.wav 647 kb Thumper always thought this Ricky guy was a little...
(Rated X)
Gerbal Polka.wav 1.6 meg AHHH!!! Da Proof...he is a Rectum Ranger!
(Rated X)
Major Tom.wav 2.5 meg Thumper's spoof of Major Tom Another Thumper Original
(Rated X)
Fire.wav 3.1 meg We didn't light the fire but Thumper will sure throw a match into it! Another Thumper Original
(Rated X)
The Conga 2.8 meg Thumper brings in the New Year with his kind of party!
(Rated X)
Green Acres wav...870kb Green Acres is now the place for da Thumper...(with a little help from his wife..:)
(Rated X)
9 Coronas...867kb Oh Shit! She looked like Christie Brinkley after 9 Coronas
(Rated PG)
You may have to down load Macromedia's Shock Wave "Flash" player to see this one.
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Done with Sheep!...1.6 meg Dirty Deeds Done With ...sHeEp???
(Rated X)
American Crisis...802 kb A mix of the American Crisis at hand.
(Rated PG)
September 2001 Crisis...909kb
(Rated PG)
A nice big fart put to music...2084kb
(Rated PG)
A funny parody of Love Shack...1033kb
(Rated PG)
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